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(the) Fundamentalists Why'd U Go
Adrianne Into The Girl
Aerin Tedesco Downside Up
Andrew Spice 8 Years
Andy Mullen I'm Sorry, Jeanie
Ari Gold Fan-Tastic
Bill Budd And So Here
Billi & Patti Believe In Change
Brad Walsh Do It In The Streets
Brian Kent I'm Not Crazy
Candye Kane Work What You Got
Chris Pureka Silo Song
Cuir Bleu I'm Your Lover
Dan Paul Question
Darren To The Limit
David Clement The Jeff Stryker Song
Delphinium Blue Blue
Dylan Rice One Pure Thing
Ennio Maybe
Ennio My Favourite Place
Ennio There's No Place Like Home
Eric Himan One Night Stands
Eric Himan So
Eric Himan The Outskirts of You
Ernest Kohl All I Needed
Garrin Benfield Answers
Garrin Benfield The Loop
Ian Gibson If That's Alright
Jeremy Blue Garconfille
Jimmy James Fashionista
John Ashfield Go Slow
Johnny Dangerous Not Your Average
Jonathan Stiers Won't You Wait
Julie Loyd Normal
Justus Boyz Rodeo Boys
Kaz Mitchell The Dinner Party
Kevin Cahoon & Ghetto Cowboy Doll
Keyth Lawrence & the Purple Circle Leaving
KJ Denhert Girl Like Me
Levi Kreis I Should Go
Liquid Blue Kashmire
Lucas Miré Francis
Lucas Miré Radio
Luke Parkin In Bruma
Melineh Kurdian As Good As you
Michael Mangia Barbie Doll
Michael Mangia The Invisible Wall
Namoli Brennet Ithaca
Norine Braun Jade
Pansy Division Luv, Luv, Luv
Pansy Division No Protection
Phideaux Headstones
Ron Morris Who Knows
Rory Stitt American Harlequin
Rory Stitt The Song That Wonders
Sacha Sacket Desire
Sacha Sacket Kite High!
Sacha Sacket The Prodigal
Scream Club And You Be
Skott Freedman Money Changes Everything
Sounds Of Asteroth Boyfriend Girlfriend
Spoilsport Gone For Good
The Kinsey Sicks Snatchmaker Snatchmaker
The Nancys Soon
Tom Proutt Autumn In New England
Tom Proutt Playback
Tori Fixx Breakthrough
Tori Fixx Dirty White Boi
Tori Fixx Reciprocity
Toucans Maria
Wayne Latham feat. MZ Fontaine Family Affair
Wishing Chair Fieldtown Road Construction
Wishing Chair Highway Lullaby
Wishing Chair Sidewalks

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