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This song is stuck in our heads and we can't get it out! It's driving us crazy! ... And we think you need to go nuts too.
Every now and again, we come across a record that is just SO the shit that we feel the need to shake loose shackles of society, shave our heads, dress in robes, live off a diet of grains and the spirit and change our names to Sycamore... Then, naturally, convert as many civilians as possible.
These are a few of those records...
Ennio: Oz
Sometimes you like dancing around in your underwear to Britney - Don't deny it, we know you do. Then again, there are times when you just want to sink your teeth into something with substance. (Hopefully that happens more often than those Britney moments.)
Oz, is the second in a trilogy of albums by Ontario-based artist, Ennio. In his own words, "This album is the duration of a single night. People break up, protests against the heterosexist majority happen, there's sex, someone gets HIV, someone dies, there's a burning of an effigy and at the end we all go home. I wanted to tackle the inter-relationships that happen between individuals in the queer community with this one, while at the same time never forgetting that our sexuality is not the only thing that determines our worth."
Oz is an amazing work of fresh, daring and unapologetic art. And that's just how we like it!
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Eric Himan: All For Show
In 2003 Eric Himan released his third studio album, All For Show. Since 2003, the man who we like to call the illegitimate love-child of Edie Brickell and Tracy Chapman, has been featured in the Love Rocks compilation, released another studio album (Dark Horse) and a full-length live album (One Night Stands). All of Eric's work is more that just "good," it's amazing. The reason we picked All For Show is because it's the album that we listen to the most :) This entire CD is like a breath of fresh air. Unlike many indie folk-rock albums, the production on All For Show is flawless but not over-done, keeping the sound true and the message clear.
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Sacha Sacket: Shadowed
Shadowed, by Sacha Sacket, is one of the best albums we've heard in a long time. This record sounds like it's literally floating through the ether; from the first note of "The Prodigal" to the final William Orbit sounding, wet tones that echo into silence on "Palestine."
The production on Shadowed is amazing; it dances on the edge of obscure without ever sounding too "experimental." And while a bulk of the songs on are fairly dark sounding it's not at all a "down" album. "Desire" sweeps in and out from minor to major so beautifully and with such skill, we dare you not to weep, and the ultra-catchy "Kite High!" will make you want to run out into the sunshine and spin and spin and spin until you puke :)
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Tori Fixx: Black.Out (Disc I)
We confess... Tori Fixx makes us wet. But just try talking about his body of work and NOT thinking about... That body ;) His 2003 release, Black.Out, isn't his most recent album, nor is it his oldest, it just happens to be our favorite. Put simply, this is hip-hop at it's very best. From the oh-so catchy, head-bobbing sound of "Breakthrough" to the smoothed-out, jazzy tones of "Still Make 'Em Dance," Fixx delivers like FedEx only WISHES they could. Each track is funkier than the next and his lyrics are dripping with so much sex... You're gonna need a bucket. Not since Prince uttered the words, "You want me to swivel in your love seat, don'tcha baby?" have we SO wanted to say, "Yes... Yes we do."
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Uncle's Institution: Walkie Talk To Me
There's no polite way to say this... We fucking LOVE Uncle's Institution. Norway's Egil Olsen has created one of the quirkiest, catchiest, most funnest and mostest originalist records we've heard in who knows how long! Anyone can sound like they're TRYING to record a hit... Egil makes it seem like, not only can he do this in his sleep, but like he's not really even trying... It just happens. Like a by-product of having fun. And it's all good.
From the über crazy vocals in the opening track, "Hey You" (vocals that say 'Yeah, I can sing bad AND sound good') to the funk-infused and cheeky, "Babe," to the almost reggae "Good Time." If you don't laugh out-loud and bob your head at least ONCE while listening to Walkie Talk To Me... Then you're dead.
And quite frankly... Starting to smell.
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Wishing Chair: Underdog
Okay... We're going to be honest here: It's VERY hard to have a grass roots, folk/rock album with two female vocalists and NOT sound like the Indigo Girls. Wait... We should re-phrase that: And not sound like you're TRYING to sound like the Indigo Girls (Oh, we've heard some BAD bands! :)
Rest assured, Wishing Chair has accomplished just that on their latest release, Underdog. With fresh and catchy melodies and brilliant arrangements, this album stands apart from any other folk duo's album we've heard to date. Beautiful harmonies effortlessly float through songs like "Sidewalks" while up-beat tunes like "Outlaw Wedding" make us want to jump in the car and dive out in the country. We just can't stop listening to it! We love this one!
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