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Welcome everyone to the official launch of radio.bisexual.com!
We are an on-line station playing... mostly music, but also featuring interviews and live chat shows with discussions on music, art, sex, politics and more... Check our schedule for more or LISTEN HERE!
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NEWS FOR JUNE 21, 2005
Welcome to Independent GLBT (and friendly ;) radio for the masses! Muah hah hah! There's tons of stuff to explore in here... Get started by giving us a listen while we explain a little more about the site and the station.
You may have found us via a link on the main bisexual.com site. That's because we're kind of like bisexual.com's rowdy, obnoxious sister. (If you didn't find us via a link from the main site, then don't forget to check out bisexual.com before you leave, there are forums, personals, chats, all kinds of cool stuff.)
Start your journey on radio.bisexual.com by clicking away at the menu with total reckless abandon. If we can recommend a couple places to check out while you're here; then take a look at some of these pages:
  • What we're listening to: We listen to music ALL DAY LONG... Here you'll find that we've picked a handful of some of our all-time favorites for you to check out.
  • Downloads: FREE music. You know you want it. Check out some totally free, high-quality MP3's from bands like the Screeching Felines and Cuir Bleu. You'll also find some fab desktop backgrounds for your 'puter and a link to our banners/icons page to dress up your MySpace, LiveJournal, etc...
  • Playlist and Schedule: Naturally you want to know what the hell we're playing right? These pages explain the whole thing! Our playlist pages also include links to the artists' websites.
  • Shows: We're not JUST music. Check out our new Biography series and keep your eyes peeled for more original programming.
  • F.A.Q.: We know, F.A.Q.'s are boring... But it's got alot of answers to questions that may just be burning up your brain!
We'd also like to take a second and thank all of the artists who helped us get the ball rolling on this thing by generously sending us their CD's and music. Not only has everyone been a great help but we've met some talented and crazy folks. You've all been a big help and we appreciate all of it! So... THANK YOU's:
Benjamin Costello, Billi & Patti, Blue House, Brad Walsh, Cuir Bleu, Dan Paul, Delphinium Blue, Drew Paralic, Ennio, Ernest Kohl, fundamentalists, Gaye Adegbalola, Jonathan Stiers, Junobot, Kevin Cahoon, Miss Kristin, Peto-A-Go-Go, Pig Farmer, PsiVamp, Ron Mesa, Rory Stitt, Screeching Felines, Sherif Rashad, Spoilsport, Sue Palmer, The Gits, Tom Proutt, Tom Szy, Toucans, Uncle's Institution, Vicki D'Salle, and Wishing Chair.
Lastly: PRIDE (and other happenings) Yes it's that time of year again... Pride celebrations are happening everywhere! We want to wish everyone a super-duper, ultra fetch time!
Cuir Bleu (who's new track, "Sex Toy" is available in the downloads section, will be playing the main stage at San Francisco Pride on June 25th at 5:30pm. Check 'em out!
And if you happen to be in NY this Friday the 23rd. Go see Spoilsport and The Saturday Night Things playing Otto's Shrunken Head at 10pm. Peto (who came up to our studio for an interview recently) will be playing with Spoilsport! Woo Hoo!

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