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The California-based, electronic rock group, Cuir Bleu (pronounced "queer blue") have been generous enough to feature their track, "Sex Toy (DJ Moda Mix)" on radio.bisexual.com. Download the song via the link below:
We asked the voice behind Cuir Bleu, Pixie Bleu to tell us a little about the new track. This is what she had to say:
"Sex Toy is a song the band has been performing live for some time - Kalib composed the music, and when he first played it for me, I said, 'Someone needs to write a song called 'Sex Toy' to this'! Once I'd said it, the muse kicked in..."
"I especially love doing this song at the Pride and Folsom Street Fairs, where there's such a charged, sex-positive atmosphere. The audience always loves it, and we've repeatedly had fans ask us when we're going to put it on an album or make it available for download somewhere. As with many songs that sound great live, getting a good studio mix has been challenging - it's hard to digitally capture the energy we put into it on stage. DJ Moda mastered our last EP, 'Slip Away', and when a conversation came up about him remixing one of our songs, this is the one he was most drawn to. I think it turned out great, and I'm really excited about the release. DJ Moda's remix, along with the final stage version, will be the title tracks from our upcoming CD, 'Sex Toy', due for release late in 2006."
Cuir Bleu will be playing the main stage at San Francisco Pride this year on June 25th at 5:30pm. So check 'em out! Our Patent Leather Cruise Director, Pixie, tells us to expect a spankin' good time... We can't wait!
For information on all the acts playing Pride this year; go to: http://www.sfpride.org/celeb/mainstage.html.
Sex Toy (DJ Moda Mix) Courtesy Asylum Arts ©(p)2006 Asylum Arts
Lyrics and vocals by Pixie Bleu
Remix arrangement by DJ Moda
Original music by Kalib DuArte
Original Production by Bobby Cochran
Additional vocal recording, Production and Mastering by DJ Moda at Trancefusion Studio Performed by Cuir Bleu

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